Lutterloh System

The Lutterloh pattern making system “The Golden Rule”

Invented in Germany, by Sylvia Lutterloh, in 1935, the Lutterloh System has been traslated in 17 lenguages and the demo course takes place all around the world in sewing and fabric stores.

“Sewing for yourself is economical and fulfilling when you create clothes that fit well.” 

Making fashionable, professional looking clothing, requires complete control over fabric, style and fit. Choosing and making your own patterns, is the ideal way to create your individual style and achieve consistently proper fitting garments, the system works based in the proportions of the human body.

It’s quick and easy to learn. Astonishingly simple, you need only two measurements to make an excellent fitting pattern every time.

Enjoy the Lutterloh patterns and a lifetime of sewing pleasure!

Silvia Lutterloh